• Exploring Implicit Animations

    A while back I put up a poll on Twitter asking you all what you would like to see me cover next. The people have spoken and we’ll be covering Implicit Animations! Don’t worry, we’ll also be covering those other topics later! Implicit Animations were added in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update as part of the Composition API. We’ll first cover the basic concept behind implicit animations, then we’ll cover the need for implicit animations, and finally we’ll put together a little demo that shows off the new feature!

  • Changes to XAML-Composition Interop

    This week I came across Mike Taultly’s blog post where he spotted a behavior change between the November Update and the upcoming Anniversary Update in regards to XAML-Composition interop. You can find that blog post here. Initially this behavior was thought to be a bug by others on twitter, and admittedly this behavior might seem a bit cryptic (I was tripped up by it as well!). This change in behavior is actually a change in the model for XAML-Composition interop which you can read about here, but we’re going to go into greater depth here.

  • Diving deeper into XAML-Composition Interop

    As we continue to explore the Composition API, we’ll be tackling increasingly advanced topics. In order to cover these topics effectively, we’ll need to cover some base concepts in more detail. Additionally, this exploration from time to time will lead us into the world of Composition and XAML interop, so understanding how XAML’s visual tree relates to the Composition visual tree is crucially important. We’ll be covering concepts like drawing order and also cover some neat tricks.

  • Video Shenanigins

    Last time we covered expressions and a little more of XAML interop. This time we will be covering something pretty exciting… video! We’ll be going through how play a video using the Windows.Media.Playback API along with Composition. Because we will be displaying the video through Composition, we’ll also have some fun with applying what we’ve learned before about animations and effects. It’s important to note that this topic is limited to those on the Anniversary Update for Windows 10, which at the time of writing you can get through the Windows Insider Program.

  • Fun with Expressions

    Last week we covered the basics of loading image for use with the Composition API, as well as the effect system. Additionally we covered how easy it is to build on what you already know by applying what we learned about animations and applied an animation to our effect. This week we’ll be heading back into the world of XAML to do some interop with the Composition API. Particularly we will be looking at the expression engine.

  • Images and Effects

    Last week we covered the basics of the Composition API along with the basics of having composition interop with XAML, particularly with animations. This week we’re going to deal more with the Composition side of the equation, and as promised we will be covering the use of images and the Composition Effect system.

  • Introduction to Composition

    Welcome to the Composition API! If you’ve watch some of the //build talks the past two years you may have seen some members of our team show off the new API. While the API is certainly new for Windows 10, the Composition team has actually been around for awhile…

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